When we talk about the producers we work with,

What is local?

Vermont First aligns with the state of Vermont definition, which defines “local” food as raw agricultural products grown or tapped exclusively in Vermont OR processed foods made with a majority (>50%) of ingredients “local” to Vermont. Unique food items, such as baked goods, are considered local if they meet 2 of the 3 following criteria:  

  • Majority of ingredients are raw VT agricultural products 
  • Substantial transformation of the ingredients occurred in VT
  • Headquarters of a company that manufactures the product is based in Vermont

View more about the Vermont local food definition here:Act 129: Local Definition | Agency of Agriculture Food and Markets ( 


What is regional?

Vermont First aligns with the Farm to Institution New England (FINE) definition, FINE defines “regional” food as food grown, raised, or harvested within the six New England states plus a 50 mile buffer.