Our Featured Commitments

Commitments are one tool that the Vermont First program uses to strategically drive local and regional food purchasing. We define local and regional purchasing commitments as a guarantee to purchase a pre-determined volume of a local or regional food at a set frequency (i.e. weekly, monthly). This commitment model helps create predictable demand for suppliers, builds trust and regular communication with our distributors, allows us to strategically forecast food purchasing and generate educational/marketing materials to tell our story.

Vermont First is Sodexo's commitment to the Vermont Community to support: 

  • Vermont's local economy through the creation of inclusive market opportunities accessible for local producers, including BIPOC, woman owned, and small-scale farm and food businesses. 
  • Accessible and equitable opportunities for employees to gain the knowledge and skills for food system careers. 
  • An environmentally sustainable food system through food purchases, and resource management such as ensuring that all foods are used for their highest and best purpose and not considered waste. 
  • BIPOC participation, representation, collaboration, and access to resources in order to help create a racially equitable food system and to remove racist structural barriers for economic opportunity. 

Sodexo’s global Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is Better Tomorrow 2025, led by Sodexo Group. This roadmap outlines nine commitments we made to leverage our interconnected roles as an Employer, a Service Provider and a Corporate Citizen to achieve positive impact on individuals, communities and the environment. To us, a better tomorrow is a world where everyone has equitable access to nutritious food and a healthy climate. As a food service and facilities management company, we choose to accelerate that future every day for our employees, clients, consumers, suppliers, communities, and planet.