Vermont Bean Crafters


Vermont Bean Crafters has been producing affordable, organic craft beans for their local community since 2009. Offering both dry and cooked beans, as well as value-added products such as black bean burgers and falafel, VT Bean Crafters is committed to their mission to craft delicious, nourishing food. Their primary values are centered around creating an economically and environmentally sustainable business while also inspiring their community to learn more about what they eat and where it comes from. VT Bean Crafters is proud to source a vast majority of their beans from within a 300 miles radius. By investing in local growers and connecting their customers to healthy, sustainably produced food, they believe that “we can do good by eating well”.

Our Commitment

We are committed to purchasing beans from Vermont Bean Crafters on a regular basis. In addition to our standing commitment, VT Bean Crafters helps supply beans for our Harvest of the Month program.