The New England Food Vision Prize, named for the regional goal of producing 50% of New England’s food within the region by 2060, was launched in 2018 by the Henry P. Kendall Foundation. Its focus is to combine the food purchasing power of educational institutions in the region with the engagement of its students – the future consumers in the region – to increase the amount of regionally produced food on their menus. The Prize was suspended for two years during the COVID-19 pandemic (2020 and 2021). The 2022 Prize expanded eligibility and focus from colleges and universities to include school districts, other institutions, and community-based organizations across New England. For more information about the prizes visit2022 Prize Winners - Henry P. Kendall Foundation 

Good for the Gut: Bringing Local Organic Pre-Cooked Black Beans to the University of Vermont Dining and Medical Center 

NOFA-VT (VT), the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont, in partnership with Vermont Bean Crafters, the University of Vermont, and Sodexo, was awarded $168,034 to increase institutional purchasing of Vermont-grown, pre-cooked, frozen, organic beans. Prize funding will go towards greater storage and processing capacity and other market developments, allowing Vermont Bean Crafters to aggregate, dry, and store beans from various Vermont producers wishing to enter the institutional market. 

Building Processing Capacity to Maximize Equitable Local Sourcing 


Vital Communities (VT) , in collaboration with Global Village Foods, the University of Vermont, Sodexo and the Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success, was awarded $199,929 to develop a regional farm ingredient sourcing supply channel that supports the significant growth that Global Village Foods is anticipating for their allergy-friendly, culturally relevant, ready-to-eat meals into institutional food service channels and beyond. 


In 2019, the University of Vermont and Norwich University were awarded the New England Food Vision Prize, a prize for food service leaders in New England colleges and universities to advance big ideas in farm to institution. The prize money was used to support infrastructure development of the production facilities for Just Cut in Hardwick, Vermont, and Pioneer Valley Growers Association in Whately, Massachusetts. By supporting these processors, our campuses can commit to purchasing more locally and regionally grown vegetables from small-scale farmers. Additionally, by incorporating these products across our campuses and medical centers, we ensure reliable demand for minimally prepared local and regional produce year-round, which ultimately benefits our farmers, our students, and our communities.

In 2020-2021, the first year of the commitment, the institutional prize partners purchased 113,353 pounds from Just Cut and PVGA. Learn more about Just Cut in thisvideo